Waterpark is Closed. opened on 1 March 2019

Welcome to Marvel Water Park

Marvel Water Park is a state of the art amusement water park the first of its kind in Udaipur. Marvel Water Park is nestled in natural beauty with a backdrop of cooling shelter of trees . An idyllic hideaway, Marvel Water Park offers matchless excitement and promises a whole of fun time with water slides, simulated Rain Dances and Dry slides.


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Price Menu Card

  • 10.30 am
  • 6.00 pm
Children ( Below 4ft. Height )250

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One of the popular water parks in Udaipur, Marvel Water Park is a perfect place to spend a fun day with your family and friends.

With a number of cool rides and pools, you'll have a great time splashing about. The water park has a lot of water rides and slides which make it a fun experience to have with family and friends. They also have some really good food stalls and dining options in the water park which is great for adventure lovers and foodies!


Mini Aqua Trail Slide

Family Float Water Silde


Kiddie Activity Pool

Serf & Slide More 'n' More Ride



Kids Splash Pool, Zip Zap Zoom, Yell-O!, Soakers, Goofers Lagoon , Zig-Zap, Capsule, Pendulum and many more



Wave Pool, Restaurant & fast food counter, Play/performance island, Watch tower with waterfall fountains

Marvel Water Park offers you a pleasant and fun-filled environment, the perfect getaway for the harried city-dwellers and tourists alike and promises a holiday worth remembering.

  • Circular dry landing water silde with float ride
  • Family float water silde
  • Mini aqua trail body slide, kiddie activity pool with animal float
  • Aqua splash pool with long beach water platform with inverted mushroom & six water casxades etc...

Aqua splash pool

wave pool

Wave Pool

pendulum slide

Pendulum Slides

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